I’ll admit I probably flipped right past the Laise Adzer ads when I was an ’80s teenager. I was strictly a hardline Claude Montana-Jean Paul Gaultier-Vivienne Westwood kind of gal, always looking for new style details to incorporate into my own clothing creations. Adzer’s flowy, bohemian style would not have been my thing at all. But a big part of the fun in revisiting old issues of fashion magazines is discovering designers I unknowingly dismissed the first time around. Laise Adzer is one of those designers. Her draped layers and unique ads frequently catch my eye in back issues of Elle and Vogue, so it seemed appropriate to gather a sampling of her looks from the later ’80s.

All Laise Adzer advertisements originally appeared in the following magazines:

1. Vogue, July 1987.

2. Vogue, June 1987.

3. Vogue, November 1986.

4. Vogue, September 1986.

5. Elle, September 1987.

6. Vogue, March 1986.

7. Elle, March 1988.

8. Vogue, October 1987.

9. Vogue, May 1987.

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