176 images were posted to the periodicult.tumblr.com site last month. We gathered a list of the most liked and reblogged.

1. L’oréal, Vogue, June 1983.

2. Helmut Newton for Vogue, June 1983. Glasses by Alain Mikli.

3. Diane Lane, photographed by Uli Rose for Seventeen, May 1980.

4. Gallenkamp Shoes, Seventeen, May 1980.

5. Philippe Angers for Taxi, November 1987. Clothing by Jacqueline de Ribes.

6. Clairol Hot Oil Treatment, Seventeen, May 1984.

7. Irving Penn for American Vogue, November 1986. Coat by SAGA.

8. Taxi, November 1987. Photomontage by John Chan.

9. George Barkentin for Seventeen, May 1980.

10. Wella Balsam, Glamour magazine, March 1981.

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