Ah, the days of Guess — I remember them well. By the mid-1980s when Guess had become the denim label, we still had a tough time finding them locally here in Canada and so Guess jeans became yet another item to add to our cross-border shopping lists. The brand’s advertising, which is so familiar today, was fresh, new and unlike anything else in our fashion magazines. Eschewing the ’80s trend of colour, colour, colour, many Guess ads were shot in black-and-white. They had a voyeuristic quality, like you had stumbled upon an intimate snapshot meant for someone else.

All Georges Marciano/Guess? ads originally appeared in the following magazines:

1. Vogue, October 1987. Photograph by Wayne Maser.

2. Vogue, March 1989. Photograph by Ellen Von Unwerth.

3. Vogue, November 1986. Photograph by Wayne Maser.

4. Vogue, January 1986.

5. Vogue, August 1987. Photograph by Wayne Maser.

6. Details, March 1989. Photograph by Ellen Von Unwerth.

7. Harper’s Bazaar, September 1988. Photograph by Neil Kirk.

8. Vogue, October 1986.

9. Elle magazine, March 1988.

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