If I think about June for too long I’ll just want to head to my bedroom, curl up and sleep, waking only when the calendar turns. This month marks the end of school for my almost-teen, her birthday, followed by two more family birthday celebration. It’s time to break out the Epipen and tend to the lawn. June is also a month of annual professional deadlines and of course the month marks the halfway point of the year, which means my commitment this blog experiment is also at the halfway point. It’s also a time of flux in fashion.

While I won’t personally be heeding the fashion industry’s yearly call for swimsuits thanks to a pesky sun allergy, I will be trying to figure out just what to wear. Days are warm, but there’s rain nearly every afternoon and evenings are still to cool not to cover up with a sweater. This month, perhaps more than any all year, often makes me think that adopting a strict, no-nonsense wardrobe would be best.

Hunkered down as I am in this middle-of-the-year stress, the idea of a uniform holds infinite appeal, but what would I wear? Black, for sure, but that’s hardly practical on blisteringly sunny days and when one is trying to avoid wasps at all costs. All-white looks terrific on the fashion pages, but in reality I’m far too messy to consider this an option. Gauzy, lightweight layers would work, but I’ve never been one to play the bohemian miss.

Looking back on decades of summers I start to think that perhaps ’80s preppy staples like polo shirts and tennis skirts could work before finally zeroing in on rayon print dresses and drapey cropped pants paired with simple striped Ts. It’s an easy option: comfortable and simple to care for. I find tropical print dresses with sweetheart neckline and am immediately reminded of mid-1980s summers. I think I’ll pass on the large scale prints this time around and stick with solids, stripes and maybe the occasional small polka dot, but that ’80s spirit will remain, just bubbling under the surface, helping me smile amid the June-induced stress.


1. Gilles Bensimon for Elle, December 1987.

2. La Blanca, Vogue, January 1984.

3. Peggy Sirota for Seventeen, June 1987. Swimwear by On the Beach.

4. Marc Hispard for Elle, May 1988.

5. Bill King for Vogue, January 1986.

6. Richard Avedon for Vogue, April 1981. Swimsuit by Gottex.

7. Monterey, Seventeen, May 1984.

8. Sandcastle, Harper’s Bazaar, December 1981.

9. Irving Penn for Vogue, November 1980. Swimsuit by La Perla.

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