Gitano. Now there’s a brand that screams 1980s, even if many of the label’s clothes look completely modern even today, due in large part to photographer Andrea Alberts’ clean/cool/sexy (never slutty) ads. Gitano was best known for its jeans, which were in turn known for their fit and proportional sizing. They made different cuts for different curves and for women of varying heights long before other brands caught on to this strategy. Spend a moment trawling the Internet and you’ll quickly find women longing for the days of their perfect-fitting Gitanos. That alone makes the brand worthy of a flashback.

All Gitano ads were photographed by Andrea Alberts and originally appeared in the following magazines:

1. Elle, April 1988.

2. Elle, September 1987.

3. Elle, November 1985.

4. Elle, November 1987.

5. Flare, March 1988.

6. Elle, January 1988.

7. Flare, September 1987.

8. Elle, June 1988.

9. Elle, March 1988.

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