It’s not hard to pick a Maybelline ad from the early ’80s out of the crowd. Typically more smiley than sexy, she’s quite literally the poster girl for affordable, drug store-bought cosmetics. My friends and I were personally addicted to the brand’s Kissing Potion, a roll-on, sticky, wet, super-glossy lip gloss that was both flavoured and scented. We didn’t get a whole lot of kisses back in junior high, but consumed plenty tiny glass bottles of Kissing Potion.

All Maybelline ads originally appeared in the following publications:

1. Young Miss, March 1983.

2. ‘Teen, May 1983.

3. Glamour, March 1983.

4. Seventeen, June 1981.

5. Seventeen, April 1980.

6. Harper’s Bazaar, December 1984.

7. Seventeen, January 1981.

8. Seventeen, April 1984.

9. Mademoiselle, March 1983.

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