Sometimes, after weeks of paging through vintage fashion magazines and seeing countless pouty/haughty-faced models, I’ll find myself just hoping for a friendly face — a simple smile. Eighties’ publications had more smiley girls than the ever-so-serious magazines of today, and for that I’m pleased. High fashion doesn’t always have to mean serious, and a smile doesn’t always have to read cheese.


1. Rebecca De Mornay, photographed by Marco Glaviano for Harper’s Bazaar, December 1984. Sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

2. Steven Meisel for Vogue, November 1986. Clothing by Chanel.

3. Oliviero Toscani forVogue, February 1983. Suit by Marc Bohan for Christian Dior.

4. Gilles Bensimon for Elle, April 1988.

5. Marie St. John, Los Angeles magazine, April 1989.

6. Revlon, Seventeen, April 1980.

7. Oliviero Toscani for Elle, December 1987. Coat by Mario Valentino.

8. Karat Gold Jewelry, Glamour, March 1982.

9. Steven Meisel for Vogue, June 1987. Clothing by Geoffrey Beene.

Trend Bazaar is a light-hearted, weekly feature showcasing fads spotted in ’80s fashion adverts and editorials.

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