I’m not really a traditional New Year’s person — January 1st New Year’s, that is. I don’t go out and I don’t make resolutions. I did, however, start the original Periodicult Tumblr January 1, 2013 and this website on the first of this year, but that was done more as a marker, an arbitrary starting point. But the creative thinking and planning for almost all of my projects happens in September. The day after Labour Day is my New Year’s. It’s the end of summer holidays for my daughter and first day of school. My partner embarks on a new year, too, with his work as a university professor and academic researcher. Everyone in our house is busy and that means I can get down to the business of planning and creating and deciding what I want 2015 to look like, work-wise.

This also means making some difficult decisions regarding the future of the Periodicult sites. This website was intended as a one-year project, and I’ll likely stick to that, as I have another writing project set to go later this year that will swallow up much of my time. And as for the Tumblrs (Periodicult and Periodicult90s), I’m still not sure what I’ll do.

I do know that I want to take more photographs of my own again, as that’s proved harder than expected over the past year. I’m suffering from image-overload and may need to step away from the daily exposure to so many (great) vintage fashion images for a bit.

I’ve also discovered that my heart when it comes to those vintage fashion images truly does lie in the 1980s, and as much fun as Periodicult90s has been, it will likely have to go, or be radically scaled-back.

As I sit typing at my desk, here on the cusp of my own, private New Year’s Eve, there are plenty of hard decisions to be made, but just as many exciting creative opportunities I can’t wait to dig into.

It’s like this every year and like every year, I’ll try not to stress, trust my instincts and just let the projects fall into place, even if that means letting some beloved ones go.

Image: Stephen Borowski for Seventeen magazine, March 1984.

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