Using a phone booth (a what?), being restricted to a particular radius by a long, curly cord or chatting with a giant piece of plastic pressed up against your head may seem quaint in this day of the smart phone, but that was the way we were for decades. In the ’80s, the biggest deal in telephones were those that were multi-coloured and for those willing to shell out the cash, cordless. Phones were also a favourite prop, often employed by photographers in fashion shoots.


1. Esprit, Mademoiselle, June 1985. Photograph by Oliviero Toscani.

2. Diane Lane, photographed by Alan Kaplan for Seventeen, February 1984.

3. Ken Korsh for Seventeen, February 1981.

4. Alex Chatelain for Vogue, September 1986.

5. Cutex, Seventeen, February 1981.

6. Perry Ellis, Vogue, March 1988.

7. Candie’s, Mademoiselle, March 1985.

8. Oliviero Toscani for Elle, May 1988.

9. Esprit, Glamour, March 1985. Photograph by Oliviero Toscani.

Trend Bazaar is a light-hearted, weekly feature showcasing fads spotted in ’80s fashion adverts and editorials.

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