I caught an episode of The Blacklist that my daughter was watching earlier in the year and was shocked to see Isabella Rossellini in a guest role. Not shocked because she was playing a baddie on an American television show, but shocked at how great she looked. At 62, she’s still as cool and classy as ever. Arguably the most successful ’80s-model-turned-actress thanks to her breakout role in then-boyfriend David Lynch’s cinematic creepfest Blue Velvet, Rossellini has had a long, enduring — and unconventional — career in both realms. She was the face of Lancome from 1982 to 1996, but didn’t start modelling until she was 28. Her famous parents were actress Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossellini. She was married to Martin Scorsese but didn’t appear in any of his films or take on any substantial film roles until after their divorce in 1982. During her modelling career she worked with all the best photographers, always managing to combine class, sophistication with just enough edge to make every image interesting. Today, we take a look back at some oldies, but goodies of Isabella Rossellini in the 1980s.

All advertising and editorial images featuring Isabella Rossellini originally appeared in the following magazines:

1. Vogue, July 1984. Photograph by Hiro.

2. Lancome, Vogue, September 1987.

3. Vogue, June 1987. Photograph by Bruce Weber.

4. Vogue, September 1985. Photograph by Eric Boman. Handbag by Fendi.

5. Vogue, March 1982. Photograph by Bill King. Case by Fendi, clothing by Norma Kamali.

6. Vogue, November 1982. Photograph by Richard Avedon.

7. Guess Eyewear, Elle, March 1988.

8. Vogue, November 1982. Photograph by Richard Avedon.

9. Vogue, September 1985. Photograph by Eric Boman. Clothing by Giorgio Armani.

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