It’s impossible to be a fashion magazine junkie and not be at all affected by advertising. My personal case-in-point: the L’Oréal makeup ads of the 1980s. While my friends and I couldn’t afford department store makeup prices on our allowances and babysitting gigs, we didn’t want to settle for the super cheapo drug store brands either. You know, the ones with the really cheesy ads.

Enter L’Oreal. You could buy the brand at the drug store, but it seemed somehow better, more expensive, classy — and we like that a lot. It was makeup for grownups, but cool grownups, not like our parents. How did we know this? All we had to do was look at the ads.

All L’Oréal ads originally appeared in the following magazines:

1. Seventeen, September 1984.

2. Mademoiselle, June 1985.

3. Seventeen, April 1985.

4. Vogue, November 1986.

5. Elle, September 1987.

6. Glamour, September 1980.

7. Mademoiselle, March 1984.

8. Glamour, September 1982.

9. Mademoiselle, September 1985.

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