I thought tonight would never end. But it did — finally. Thank god. Now I’m back home, in the little room, smoking and thinking about taking a shower even though it’s after midnight and I would have to go upstairs and it would for sure wake my parents and I just can’t deal right now.

I put in a mix tape and the first song is ABC’s The Look of Love. How appropriate. I take a big drag and blow out the smoke in rings. My world is full of strange arrangements indeed.

When Laurie started going out with Kevin’s best friend Shane it was sort of funny, but there was no way it would last. That was three months ago, and now it’s become sickening. Like tonight, the four of us were hanging out at Laurie’s watching MuchMusic because she’s the only one of us who has pay-TV, but it’s not like her and Shane were watching at all. They made out the whole time, right there in front of us. We couldn’t leave either unless we wanted to take the bus, which was not an option. Shane was our ride.

I don’t know what’s happening with Laurie. I mean, she would have been the first one to be grossed out if someone was making out in front of her for three hours. At the very least she would have mocked them. But now that she’s “in love” apparently it’s perfectly fine. I will never get those three hours back.


Image: ABC, MTV: Who’s Who in Rock Video, Zomba Books, 1983.

Welcome to the Little Room is a series of 250-word re-imagined vignettes from my ’80s youth with a focus on music and style. It appears weekly on periodicult.com.

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