The fashion industry lost one of its greats last week with Oscar de la Renta’s death. Looking back at his work in the 1980s is always a pleasure. Whether it was daywear (love the caftans!) or his signature evening dresses, he always kept it classy.

All advertising and editorial images featuring Oscar de la Renta’s work originally appeared in the following magazines:

1. Vogue, May 1982. Photograph by Irving Penn.

2. Vogue, November 1986. Photograph by Sheila Metzner.

3. Vogue, September 1989.

4. The New York Times Magazine/Fashions of the Times, August 20, 1989.

5. Flare, March 1988. Photograph by Anthea Simms.

6. Vogue, November 1981. Photograph Richard Avedon.

7. Vogue, November 1980. Photograph by Denis Piel.

8. Vogue, July 1984. Photograph by Jim Varriale.

9. Vogue, September 1989.

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