Who doesn’t love a good scarf? And especially — who doesn’t love a good ’80s scarf? The 1980s was the decade I struggled with scarves before finally learning the tricks of tying and draping to make them look just tossed on. Scarf-wearing is indeed an art, and today we take a look back at some of my favourite ’80s scarf-wearing images.


1. Echo Scarves, Glamour, September 1983.

2. L’Oréal, Seventeen, October 1983.

3. Carlo Meconi for Seventeen, August 1983.

4. Missoni, Harper’s Bazaar, September 1985. Photograph by Giovanni Gastel.

5. Steven Meisel for Mademoiselle, September 1983. Coat by Tobinini for Jean Mercier.

6. Michel Comte for Mademoiselle, August 1987.

7. Rudy Molacek for Glamour, September 1982.

8. Oliviero Toscani for Elle, October 1987.

9. Hang Ten, Young Miss, October 1983.

Trend Bazaar is a light-hearted, weekly feature showcasing fads spotted in ’80s fashion adverts and editorials.

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