Before the supermodels surfaced in the late 1980s, Brooke Shields was the decade’s biggest modelling star. We all knew her story: she was a model (for Ivory soap) by 11 months old and went on to play controversial, sexual roles in the films Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon, all before her 15th birthday. But it was designer Calvin Klein’s infamous nothing-comes-between-me-and-my-Calvins jeans ads that starred a 14-year-old Shields that put her on the high-fashion modelling map. Covers, ads and editorial work in all the big magazines followed. Shields remained a photographers’ and editors’ favourite throughout the 1980s, notwithstanding a brief break when she went off to college in 1983 — Princeton University, no less — to earn a degree in French Literature, proving she was not just another pretty face.


1. Brooke Shields Jeanswear Collection, Seventeen, August 1985.

2. Revlon, Details, August 1988.

3. Marco Glaviano for Harper’s Bazaar, September 1988. Clothing by Michael Kors.

4. Richard Avedon for Vogue, November 1980. Clothing by Valentino.

5. Richard Avedon for Vogue, December 1987. Sweater by Zoran.

6. Arthur Elgort for Mademoiselle, March 1984. Denim skirt & vest by Guess.

7. Irving Penn for Vogue, February 1983. Clothing by Norma Kamali.

8. Valentino, Vogue, November 1981.

9. Wella Balsam, Glamour, March 1981.

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