Who says you need a super-famous supermodel front-and-centre to sell your makeup? Chanel certainly didn’t think so. The French design house has always taken a different approach to their advertising, and in the 1980s put the focus directly on their distinctly chic back lacquer logo’d packaging and the colours inside. Clever, classy and most of all effective, you could spot a Chanel Beauty ad a mile away.

All Chanel Beauty ads originally appeared in the following magazines:

1. Vogue, November 1980.

2. Seventeen, August 1987.

3. Vogue, September 1985.

4. Vogue, March 1982.

5. Glamour, March 1980.

6. Vogue, November 1982.

7. Mademoiselle, November 1981.

8. Glamour, March 1983.

9. Harper’s Bazaar, September 1986.

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