160 images were posted to the periodicult.tumblr.com site last month. We gathered a list of the most liked and reblogged:

1. Jean-Louis Scherrer, Harper’s Bazaar, September 1984.

2. Manto, Mademoiselle magazine, November 1981.

3. General Electric, Glamour magazine, December 1980.

4. Malibu, Flare magazine, September 1989.

5. Agree, Mademoiselle magazine, November 1981.

6. Carrera y Carrera/Mandarin Gems, Town & Country magazine, December 1988.

7. Stan Malinowski for Harper’s Bazaar, September 1984. Coat by Givenchy.

8. Hang Ten, Glamour magazine, December 1980.

9. Gilles Bensimon for Mademoiselle, December 1984. Robe by Norma Kamali.

10. Robin Saidman for Glamour magazine, December 1980. Sweater by DDDominick.

8. Cutex, Mademoiselle magazine, November 1981.

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