We’re in the throes of the holiday party season, and this got me to thinking about Christmas parties past and the wonderful, kitschy, occasionally downright cool drink ads from the 1980s. Whether it’s booze or diet soft drinks, and the images is sexy or silly, the decade’s beverage ads were always something to behold and enjoy.


1. Chivas Regal, Vogue, May 1983.

2. Manto, Mademoiselle, November 1981.

3. Malibu, Flare, September 1989.

4. Tanqueray, Town & Country, December 1988.

5. Drambuie, Glamour, March 1983.

6. Cointreau, Harper’s Bazaar, December 1984.

7. Absolut Vodka, Los Angeles magazine, April 1989.

8. Diet 7-Up, Glamour, March 1981.

9. Tab, Glamour, May 1985.

Trend Bazaar is a light-hearted, weekly feature showcasing fads spotted in ’80s fashion adverts and editorials.

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