Coats and knits are two of my favourite fashion things and Perry Ellis did both brilliantly in the 1980s, first by Ellis himself (the designer died in 1986), and starting in 1998 by then-wunderkind Marc Jacobs. The looks created by both designers still seem fresh, even today, having stood the test of time.

All advertising and editorial images featuring Perry Ellis clothing originally appeared in the following magazines:

1. Vogue, September 1984. Photograph by Irving Penn.

2. Flare, September 1989. Photograph by Lara Rossingnol.

3. Vogue, March 1989.

4. Flare, September 1988.

5. Vogue, August 1989.

6. Mademoiselle, September 1985. Photograph by Hans Feurer.

7. Vogue, January 1988.

8. Vogue, January 1989.

9. Vogue, May 1983. Photograph by Irving Penn.

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