I’m currently more than a bit obsessed with 1984. Not the book (though that’s a favourite, too), but the fashion. Revisiting the magazines of that year, I’ve been struck by the deceptively contemporary nature of many of the clothes and, naturally, by so many of the ads. 1984 was the year of of the iconic “I’m very Flora Kung” adverts, all backlit saucy ladies in Kung’s signature prints. Her silk dresses are a vintage-lover’s dream and look fresh, even 30 years on.


1. Vogue, November 1984.

2. Vogue, July 1984.

3. Vogue, July 1984.

4. Vogue, December 1984.

5. Vogue, June 1984.

6. Vogue, March 1984.

7. Town & Country, August 1984.

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